Exclusive Interview: Mo Pitney

Mo Pitney released his debut album, Behind This Guitar, this past October and has been enjoying critical acclaim for the project as well as a surge in the number of his fans. Last month, on December 4th, Pitney joined his friend and frequent writing partner, Bobby Tomberlin, for a performance at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop on Broadway in Downtown Nashville for the release of Tomberlin’s new album, Out of Road.

While attending the release party, I got to chat with Pitney about his inaugural CD. “Well, it’s been amazing to finally get it out,” Pitney explains, “we had been working on it for about three years.” The 23 year old singer/songwriter admitted that he felt the music was getting old since the project was taking so long. However, the immediate success of the album proved that it was well worth the time and effort.

Pitney told me that the success of his album has given him a more positive outlook on his career, and he owes that all to his fans: “It helps me kind of look forward to the future and start making new art. But what’s also been cool, is to see how people who are listening to the music for the first time are reacting to it. That’s really encouraging and inspiring.”

Check out Mo Pitney’s single, Boy & A Girl Thing, below:

img_3729The first time I saw Pitney perform was on a large stage with a full band. For this performance at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop, Pitney performed solo with only an acoustic guitar. I asked him which type of performance he prefers: “Well, don’t tell anybody, but I like to just sit with my guitar, and do the songwriter thing. I do love going out with the band… my band is awesome, but I’ve had a lot more really intense, really inspiring moments at songwriter nights, and I’m always looking for that.”

Now that a new year has started, I asked Pitney if he had any goals for 2017: “I’m a very ‘in the moment‘ kind of guy,” says Pitney, “my goal is to be wherever God wants me to be in 2017… he just shows me what to do day by day.”

Be sure to check out Mo Pitney’s new album, Behind This Guitar on iTunes and Amazon and keep up with him online at mopitney.com.

What do you think of Mo Pitney and his debut CD? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!


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