Cornbread Lovers – MUST READ!

South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Never heard of this town? Or wondering why I’m talking about it? Just sit back and I’ll tell you a little story…

Once upon a time, they created this small town near the Tennessee/Alabama state line, on the Tennessee side, called South Pittsburg.

One of the largest companies in the country, and you probably use their items almost every day, built a factory here – a skillet making company called Lodge Company. The reason they are based there is because South Pittsburg was and is a big iron mine and coal mine town, and since skillets are made out of iron… you can figure out the rest.

national_cornbread_festivalNow, take one of America’s most popular and favorite foods which is typically made in a skillet (Cornbread), and take one of America’s favorite pastimes (outdoor festivals), and combine them in the Skillet-Making capitol of the world, and you have the makings for National Cornbread Festival! People come from all around the world for this annual festival, held in the heart, and on Main Street, here in South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

10155409_10152390614714711_5732814969009493755_nThe three main sponsors of the festival are companies that manufacture everything you need to make amazing Cornbread: Lodge Company (skillets), Martha White (cornmeal and flour), and Five Star (ranges, stoves, etc). A one-stop-shop for all your cornbread making needs.

There were lots of things to do and plenty of live entertainment. One of the featured entertainers was Nashville recording-artist, 13177451_861184557326904_8818101652220483009_nAlayna, who performed a one-hour set, along with guitarist/sideman, Joe Caliva. Alayna performed some of her original songs, including “Loose Cannon,” “Trash,” and “Wicked City” along with some crowd-favorite cover songs, including, “Anyway You Want It” by Journey, “Take It Easy” by The Eagles, and “My Church” by Maren Morris!

10012827_10152336214849711_1049354959_oOther things to do included, carnival rides, shopping at craft booths, and of course sampling cornbread, including my favorite, a SALSA flavored Cornbread!

Love cornbread or have a favorite type? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media!

Learn more about the National Cornbread Festival at their web site: or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can also search #cornbreadfest

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