Jenny Tolman Talks Behind-The-Song About New Single

A lot of people enjoy listening to country music, but every once in a while, they like to mix it up and listen to some good old-fashioned rock n’ roll.

Well, now a new country music artist, Jenny Tolman, is bringing country music fans the best of both worlds with her new single, Rock & Roll To My Country Soul

This easy going country love song which was written by the upcoming country singer and produced by Grammy nominated Dave Brainard, is a sweet tune about when you find the perfect match to a certain someone. The artist told The CMBeat a little bit behind-the-song, about how it came to be, and how it incorporates a fellow singer/songwriter that is a key inspiration to her.

“I’ve always been compared to Emmylou Harris, who is a big inspiration of mine,” Tolman exclusively tells The CMBeat, “So, I had this line, “You’re Jimmy Page, I’m Emmylou, but somehow, I fit right with you” floating around in my head for awhile, which ended up inspiring what “Rock & Roll to My Country Soul” is today.”

Click the image to download the single on iTunes

From this song’s great lyrics and ear-pleasing sound, it is definitely a great interesting combination of two different music genres. If you like country music and some rock & roll, then you’ll be sure to like Jenny Tolman and her new single, Rock & Roll to my Country Soul.

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What do you think of Jenny Tolman’s behind-the-story about her new single, Rock & Roll to my Country Soul? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!

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