Check Out The CMBeat’s New Feature: “Fun Fact Friday”

Do you like knowing more about Country Music than ANY of your friends? Do you hold your head a little higher when people call you the “Wikipedia of Stuff Nobody Thought They Needed to Know”? Well, we have a new feature that is gonna rock your socks.

Starting this Friday afternoon, The CMBeat will be posting cool tidbits of information about Country Music for Fun Fact Friday on our Facebook and Twitter social media pages, every hour on the hour, starting at 12pm Central Time, and going until 7pm Central. Exciting, right?!

For all you Twitter Junkies, we will also start posting exclusive Twitter Polls for fans to vote on such pressing issues as favorite artist, or favorite song. Polls will be posted after Fun Fact Friday posts are complete.

To see the posts as soon as they go live, be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter! If you don’t have Facebook or Twitter, don’t worry… We will be posting all the “fun facts” later on this weekend in a blog post.

What do you think about Fun Fact Friday? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!


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