Anna Brinker Signs With Taylorhouse Music

A great upcoming country music artist, Anna Brinker, has some pretty exciting news to share with the country music scene!

The singer songwriter originally from Arkansas, has just announced she has signed with Taylorhouse Music that is based out of Nashville, Tennessee, and she is officially on their roster of artists.

“I absolutely can’t wait to share all of the beautiful things we’ve been working on with y’all! Being an artist at Taylorhouse Music is a dream come true!!! 🖤” Anna Brinker exclusively tells The CMBeat. Along with that, Taylorhouse Music made a exciting post about Brinker joining their team as well!

Check out Taylorhouse Music’s post on Facebook below or by clicking HERE.

The CMBeat is so excited about this great news for Anna Brinker and definitely looking forward to see where this takes her in her music journey!

Be sure to follow Anna Brinker on her social media including on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Have you heard of Anna Brinker before? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!

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